Is Lewis University a good school?

Schools, com recently ranked lewis university number 3 in its ranking of the best 4-year colleges in illinois. Focusing on affordability, flexibility and student services, they used the latest government data to evaluate colleges and universities across the country. Lewis is a great school with a lot of diversity and excellent teachers. However, it is not an easy school, teachers expect more from you and you will have to work hard to be a good student.

Lewis is a liberal arts institution that contains the faculties of Arts %26 Science, Business, Education and Nursing. Lewis offers one of the most recognized pre-professional biology courses in the Midwest, with a good acceptance rate at a professional school preferred by students. The type of person who shouldn't be attending Lewis University would probably be someone who hopes to party and be in a large campus environment. In addition, students who cheat, plagiarize and use drugs excessively should no longer be allowed to attend Lewis University.

Lewis University is priced appropriately for the type of quality education they offer and, therefore, has earned fair value recognition by College Factual analysis. The only people who shouldn't attend Lewis University are those who aren't interested in getting a good education or learning about the world's many cultures.

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