Is Lewis University Difficult to Get Into?

Lewis University is a private nonprofit university located in Romeoville, IL, that focuses on a few select programs. It is a competitive school to enter, with an acceptance rate of 66%. To be admitted, applicants must have test scores that are 51% higher than the average. The majority of accepted students have an average B+ high school grade.

Studying is essential for success at Lewis University. Most students spend at least 10 hours a week studying, and many also work outside of school. Those who are not fond of studying should not attend Lewis University. Transfer students may find it moderately difficult to be admitted.

The type of person who should not attend Lewis University would be someone who is more interested in partying and socializing than getting a good education and learning about different cultures. Cheaters, plagiarizers, and drug users are not allowed at Lewis University. The acceptance rate at Lewis University has been on an upward trend compared to previous years, which is 13% higher than the national average of 56.7%. The school does not require SAT tests for admission.

If Lewis University is out of reach, there are other schools with similar requirements that may be more competitive. Last year, 4,265 out of 6,674 applicants were accepted into the university. To increase your chances of being accepted, make sure to take your application seriously and pay attention to all the details.

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