Is Lewis University a dry campus?

Pursuant to the Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act, lewis university is primarily a smoke-free campus. Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings, including student residences. Pursuant to the Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act, Lewis University is primarily a smoke-free campus. I think Lewis University is a great school.

It's a small school, where everyone knows everyone. It has a great staff where they want to see you do something with your life. The classes will be tough as in any university, but the staff will help you with the work if you ask for it. There are no more than thirty people in the classroom.

You can get one-on-one help with the teacher and your classmates can also help you. There is no answer to this question, Lewis University is a sacred area. Which means it accepts all kinds of people. The only people who shouldn't attend Lewis University are those who aren't interested in getting a good education or learning about the world's many cultures.

Although Lewis University is not such a large university where the entire city is considered a university city, its main campus is surrounded by a lot of passion and unity. There is a great sense of cultural diversity ever present, and international students and new English speakers can always find a welcome home and academic acceptance from Lewis University. The best thing about Lewis University was the feeling of belonging that I had never experienced before in other schools: the fellowship of students and teachers. As a flight student, the best thing about Lewis University is the aviation industry professionals who work at the school.

Lewis is a dynamic, mixed, comprehensive Catholic university with a richly diverse student body, including traditional age students and adults of all ages. In addition, students who cheat, plagiarize and use drugs excessively should no longer be allowed to attend Lewis University. What I like and consider that the best thing about Lewis University is the classmates I interact with inside and outside the classroom. Lewis University is truly a place where there are no cliques or social stigmas; almost everyone gets along well with everyone and students support each other in their different fields to succeed.

The type of person who shouldn't be attending Lewis University would probably be someone who hopes to party and be in a large campus environment. Lewis University has once again been named one of the best universities in the Midwest, according to The Princeton Review.

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