How Long Does It Take to Get Admitted to Lewis University?

Our goal is to review all applications within one to two weeks after receiving all required documents. In addition, all students are automatically reviewed for merit scholarships during the application review process and are notified as part of the acceptance letter. Merit scholarships are awarded to all eligible students regardless of citizenship status. Applicants can expect to hear back from Lewis University within two to three weeks of submitting their applications.

To apply, students must take the SAT or ACT and submit their scores with their application. It is important to do well on these tests in order to have a strong application. Lewis University will evaluate credit earned at another accredited college or university to determine the transferability of courses applicable to a liberal arts program. The average GPA at Lewis University is 3.48, and applicants should aim to be around this average in their high school class.

Lewis University offers a variety of online courses and degree programs, allowing students to learn in a way that fits their learning style. There is no requirement for SAT subject tests for admission. The average full year tuition at Lewis University for undergraduate students is $34,268 and for graduate students it is $14,400. Lewis University offers 35 graduate programs through its various departments, including the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, the Department of Psychology, the Graduate School of Management, the Department of Aviation and Transportation Studies, and others.

Popular specializations among international students at Lewis University include programs in Business and Aviation; Computer Science; Information Security Systems, Data Science, etc. The application fee for graduate and undergraduate programs for international students at Lewis University is $40. The average credit hour cost for various undergraduate and graduate programs at Lewis University varies by program choice. Homeschool applicants are welcome and appreciated at Lewis University; they must have completed a college-preparatory curriculum in order to apply.

If Lewis University is currently out of reach, there are other schools that may be more competitive. Although Lewis University does not have a minimum ACT requirement, applicants with scores lower than 21 may find it more difficult to get accepted unless they have something more impressive in their application. The same goes for the SAT; although there is no strict limit, low scores may lead to an application being rejected.

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