What is the mission of a university?

A university develops knowledge through scholarships and research. A university transmits knowledge through teaching. A university applies knowledge through public service. This traditional formulation of the purpose of a university serves us much better than Mr.

The Third Mission represents the economic and social mission of the university and its contribution to communities and territories. The above university mission statement examples demonstrate how each of the different universities has its own approaches to teaching and research. When comparing their mission and vision statements with those of private sector universities, and leaving aside the terms “research”, university and “knowledge”, the highest priority term for public universities was “students”. Privat

e); how the mission and vision statements of public and private universities differ in content, and if there are any differences that reflect the proposed institutional objectives; and how universities interpret and respond to changes in the institutional environment, claiming their organization identity through mission statements.

You can also see that some universities have university vision statements instead of mission statements.

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