What kind of university is lewis university?

Located 35 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, Lewis University is a comprehensive Catholic university where traditions of liberal learning and career preparation give the university its educational identity and mission focus. Our editors will review what you submitted and determine if they should review the article. Livingston, PhD, then president of Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio, to replace Brother James Gaffney, FSC, as tenth president of the university. Lewis is a dynamic, mixed, comprehensive Catholic university with a richly diverse student body, including traditional age students and adults of all ages.

The Princeton Review named Lewis one of the best universities in the Midwest, and Lewis ranked among a select list of 23 universities in Illinois and 158 institutions in the Midwest. Lewis University comprises colleges of arts and sciences, business, education and nursing, and health professions, and maintains a continuing education program. Lewis University is a proud and successful member of NCAA Division II and the Great Lakes Valley Conference. Lewis is one of 60 universities in the world, sponsored by De La Salle Christian Brothers, an international order of Roman Catholic teaching.

In July 1975, there was an important step in the development of Lewis University with the accreditation of the North Center Association's graduate programs (master's and first professional degree). Perhaps as early as 1949, according to an unsigned manuscript in the Lewis Archives, but certainly throughout the 1950s and long before Vatican II, although under the auspices of Bishop Sheil, Lewis College became, for at least a decade, “the first Catholic mixed college in the country to present administration and faculty consisting of lay people. Inspired by its Catholic and Lasallian heritage, Lewis University offers a values-focused curriculum, rich in the Mission's values of knowledge, fidelity, wisdom and justice, and guided by the spirit of partnership that fosters community throughout teaching, learning and service. Renamed in 1935 as the Lewis Holy Name School of Aeronautics (abbreviated as Lewis School of Aeronautics in 1940), it was awarded to the U.

Founded in 1932, Lewis is a dynamic and mixed university offering more than 80 specializations and undergraduate study programs, 37 graduate programs and two doctoral programs. The intention of the plan is to provide future-focused and reality-based parameters that respect the history and values of Lewis University, while providing guidance for future decision-making in both the short and long term. Lewis University is an NCAA Division II school that is part of the Great Lakes Valley Conference and the Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association.


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