Which city is lewis university?

Lewis University is a private Roman Catholic and Lasallian university in Romeoville, Illinois. Enrollment is currently around 6, 800 students. Our editors will review what you submitted and determine if they should review the article. Renamed in 1935 as the Lewis Holy Name School of Aeronautics (abbreviated as Lewis School of Aeronautics in 1940), it was ceded to the U.

Lewis is one of the 60 universities in the world, sponsored by De La Salle Christian Brothers, an international Roman Catholic teaching order. Founded in 1932, Lewis is a dynamic, co-educational university offering more than 80 specializations and undergraduate study programs, 37 graduate programs and two doctoral programs. lewis university comprises colleges of arts and sciences, business, education and nursing and health professions, and maintains a continuing education program. Lewis University is an accredited institution recognized regionally and nationally for its excellent education.


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